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Anyone out there using ljupdate to post to DreamWidth? They've recently switched to SSL, and ljupdate doesn't work anymore. I tried the obvious substitution of http-post-curl for http-post, but it still doesn't work.

change drafts dir?

In the hope that this community is still alive...

How do I change where ljupdate puts draft files? When I run `M-X lj-compose` it creates a file in ~/Mail/drafts. I really, really do not want it to put them there. How do I change this?


Posting via ljupdate

I've not been successful posting to LJ lately. It did work once. I've downloaded the latest development snapshot and I have the same problem. lj-login is fine. lj-compose works fine but when I use C-c C-c to post, the hourglass comes on and never finish.
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Dealing with pre tags

I usually write my posts in muse markup, publish to HTML, and then submit the HTML via lj-update. I wrap the posts with the lj-raw tag. But somewhere during the post submission process, linebreaks get removed, which means that parts of the post that are inside <pre> tags get messed up -- those sections appear on the journal as one long line. I understand why this happens I think, but any suggestions for the best way to fix it or accomplish what I want to accomplish?


I just upgraded to a never version of LJUpdate, and a couple things seeem to have chenged, I'm not wsure where I should be looking this up, so I'm asking here:

1) lj-default-profile and lj-defprofile don't seem to exist anymore. What has replaced them?

2) My colors have all changed. This is fine in LJ:B mode, but in LJ:H mode, since I use a black background, it makes it really hard to read... It's also a little odd that Since all the colors turn to body color in body mode, I can read the header better in body mode than in head mode...


Preview and "Disable Auto-Formatting"

I'm a total emacs-head, like the rest of you (I assume), so I'm loving

ljupdate. I just have two quick questions...

  1. Preview — If I'm composing a post using lj-update, is there

    any way to submit it so I can view a preview without posting it so

    it's publically visible? I suppose I can just mark the post as private

    and submit that way, and then make it public when I want to post it,

    but built-in support would be nice if it exists
  2. Disable

    — I like to use the "Disable Auto-Formatting

    option" on my posts, so I have better control over the HTML; Does

    lj-update support frobbing that bit from emacs?
Thanks for

writing this -- it makes posting to LJ much more pleasant :)


With the new filters, or custom friends lists, or whatever they're being called, you can write a post and have it only visible to a specified list. Is there an API for this? does ljupdate work with it?

Alternatively, is there documentation other than emacs help on this?